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Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Dangerous Foods for Dogs – Be Alert!

Dangerous Foods for Dogs to Eat The fact that dogs love to eat is no great mystery. They especially love “people” food. Foods dangerous for...
Aggressive Dogs - Part 2

Aggressive Dogs – The Neighborhood Bully

Aggressive Encounters - Review of Part 1 In Part 1 of our series on aggressive dogs, we discussed several different safety protocols to follow in order...
Aggressive Dogs - Part 1

Aggressive Dogs – How to Approach an Unfamiliar Dog

Being confronted by large, unfamiliar, aggressive dogs, whether it's the neighborhood "Houdini" whom manages to pull a vanishing act on his owners from time to...
Dog Clicker

Dog Clicker Training – Conditioned Reinforcers

The dog clicker is a great tool to teach your dog new behaviors. It has a very distinctive sound that dogs can easily identify with...
Dog Behavior Problems - Training Framework

Dog Behavior Problems – Training Framework

In our Part I article on "Dog Behavior Problems - What Are They?", we explained the need for gathering valuable information from a number of...
Dog Behavior Problems - What Are They?

Dog Behavior Problems – What Are They?

Defining Dog Behavior Problems Dog behavior problems are any pattern of behaviors that sufficiently stray from the owner's preconceived notion of what acceptable behavior is. In a...
Dog Stress

Dog Stress – Watch Your Dog for Signs of Stress

Dog Stress - Reading Your Dog’s Body Language Although dogs can’t communicate with us in our conventional manner, they do let us know, quite often,...
Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socialization – Exposing to New Experiences

What is Puppy Socialization? Puppy socialization is an extremely important part in your puppy’s life. It is a process of gradually exposing her to the world’s...
Puppy Potty Training

10 Puppy Potty Training Tips – Prevent Accidents!

"How do you know when he needs to go?" is a familiar question many new dog owners ask when they bring their puppy home...
Train Your Dog

Train Your Dog – It Benefits Everyone!

We love our dogs. There's no doubt about it. Each year, responsible and caring dog owners, spend millions and millions of dollars to feed,...

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